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Home Storage Organization Solution Using SYSTEMATIZE Method: “2nd S” of the 5S System

It’s probably safe to assume that you like to come to a clutter free home. Home is a place where we you can be yourself, relax and rest in order to have peace of mind. However, you will get the opposite effect if you come into a messy and disorganized home.

As human beings, we develop over time, bad habits of accumulating things that we like but don’t necessarily need. And for some reason, we tend to get some sort of happiness if we buy an item at a great discount even if we don’t really like it. Most of us like to keep boxes full of things that remind us of precious memories from the past even if we have not opened those boxes for so many years. The vast majority of the time, we forget that we have it.

Have you been there? Can you relate? Are you the type that wants to save everything by keeping everything, even those things that have no use at all into your daily life?

If you’re like many people and are apt to doing these things, you will find yourself owning a lot of useless items which can make keeping an orderly and clean house seem like an impossible task.

There may have been some point in your life where you grew tired of coming in and waking up to a house full of clutter. So you woke up one morning and allotted great time, energy and effort to clean the whole house and put all of the clutter inside boxes, behind every closet and cabinet that you have.

After you were done cleaning, like magic, your house seemed clutter free and you were very happy about what you had accomplished.

Then a few days or weeks after, your house went back to where it was before, full of clutter everywhere. And you came to a conclusion, that a clutter free home is impossible to achieve and it is not for you, which is contrary to what you have read and learned on the internet.

The fact is, putting your clutter inside boxes or putting everything behind the doors of your closets or cabinets is the wrong way of doing things. It is merely hiding your clutter and not doing anything to solve it.

What will happen is, after putting everything inside boxes or cabinets without a thorough plan, a need may arise to use a particular item but you can’t remember what box or storage you put that item in.

Then, you will start looking for that item by going through each of the boxes and closets and pulling everything out again. You may find the item, but the whole experience will probably leave you   frustrated not to mention that you again have stuff scattered everywhere.

To avoid this from happening, it is very important that develop a step by step place to help you achieve organization in your life.

To sort and remove things that you don’t need is a vital step for you to have a place for the things that matter to you. And to come up with a sustainable organization solution, you will need to think through where to place each item.

This is where the “2nd S” of the 5S System comes in.

How to Know What Item to Place Where?

The “2nd S” stands for SYSTEMATIZE also popularly associated with the famous phrase “A place for everything and everything in its place”. The concept is to find a perfect location for every item where you can easily retrieve the item when you need it and easily put it back when you don’t (a.k.a. Systematic Arrangement) In this way, all the changes that you have made can be easily maintained so you cannot go back on your old habits.

Putting or storing your items inside a box or behind the doors of your closets without planning which item should be put in a box, on a shelf, in a basement or in a cabinet is a recipe for failure to achieve an organized home. You need to identify every item based on their usage and frequency of use by asking yourself the following questions?

How often do I use this item?

High Usage Items/Often (A): Then you should place the item within reach or in an accessible location.
Medium Usage Items/Once in a while (B): Store within the same area like the upper cabinet or towards the end of your closet.
Low Usage Items/Very seldom or just on certain occasions (C): Store at a distance like in the basement, storage area, garage.

how often do I use item chart

Where do I use it?

By answering this question, you will be able to know what item to put where! Items should be stored where you use them.

For example, if your kids often play in your living room, it is just smart for you to put toy storage within the living room. There are many decorative storage solutions that allow you to hide your kids’ toys that you can buy without ruining the look of your living room. By doing this, it will help you easily teach your kids to put their toys back into the storage once they’re done playing with it.

This will also allow you to access items quickly and easily and put them back in the same location where you got them. At the same time, unnecessary movements such as bending, lifting or stretching when looking for things will also be avoided.

What items with similar use or functions do I have?

It is very important to put related items together or items under the same family or usage together in one area. For example, baking ingredients, spices, canned goods, paper products, toys, t-shirts, dresses, etc… should each have their own designated location.

Why is this necessary?

By grouping items under one family or usage and putting them in the same location will help eliminate moving back and forth to get the job done.

ideal storage level positionDetermining what items to be placed where is the key factor in achieving an organized home. Being organized does not only mean being clean and neat but it also means that you arrange things in systematic and efficient ways.

There are many storage organization products that can help you to have a systematic arrangement of items in your home. These are found in the next section.

Products To Help Achieve Your Goals

There are a lot of products that you can buy on the market that can be a great help with systematizing and organizing:

Slim Kitchen Drawer Organizer Tray for Cutlery – This will help you especially if you have a narrow kitchen drawer. You can arrange your silverware neatly and at the same time you will be able to save a space in your drawer that you can use to store your cooking utensils. This is a good investment especially if space is limited in your kitchen, it organizes your silverware and is able to save a space in your drawer that you can use to place your other kitchen essentials.

Expandable Under Sink Organizer and Storage – This product is adjustable and functional which means it will help you to maximize the usage of your limited under the sink cabinet as well store neatly all your kitchen cleaning essentials.

Stackable Plastic Food Storage Organizer Bin Basket – Stackable organizer bin basket is always a great option to buy. I will always choose a stackable organizing product as much as possible because it will really help to maximize the usage of your space cabinet as well make the items accessible.

Under bed Cart with wheels – this will help to turn the dead space under your bed into a usable space and with the added features of wheels allows you again to have easy accessibility.

Slim Bathroom Storage Cabinet – This is a good storage organizer to have if you only have small bathroom and no really a good area to put your toiler paper and other toilet cleaning products. This cabinet only takes a little space, like a space between your toilet bowl and wall.


Sliding Under Shelf Hanging Wire Storage Drawer Organizer for Kitchen – it will help you to utilize the under the shelf space as well it gives you an easy access to item because of its easy slide basket features.

Over Door/Wall Mount 4 Clear Window Pocket Organizer – like any other pocket wall organizers it did not use any floor space but it gives you additional storage space. And the fact that is hanged or mounted on the wall, makes the items accessible.

These are only a few examples of organizing products that will help you organize, maximize the space and make you able to access the items easily. Avoid organizational products that will occupy a lot of space in your cabinet because every space is precious especially if you only have limited space to work with. Also keep in mind organizing products do not need to be expensive, the most important features are functionality and versatility and an esthetic look is just a bonus.

Remember home storage organization products are just a tool that you can use to achieve your organizational goal. You need to carefully think through what item to put where in order to help you accomplish everyday tasks easier and faster.