Importance of a clean home

Importance of A Regular Cleaning: “3rd S” of the 5S System – SWEEP!

A clean home promotes a lot of health benefits for your life besides keeping your home tidy.  Keeping your house clean will require you to set a regular cleaning schedule and not only during your spare time.  Below are some of few health benefits of  keeping your home clean and to help you understand why a regular cleaning schedule should be part of your regular routine.

  • You will get a Relaxation – coming home to a clean and organized home will give you a sense of being safe According to Webmd, once your body and mind feel safe, relaxation comes in and it prevents your body from triggering a bad response to a stress. When you are stress free, your heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and other body functions will work better for your own good.
  • Reduce your chances of getting sick – regular cleaning will eliminate dust accumulation which is a common cause for colds, asthma and some types of allergies.
  • Increases your sense of Self Pride – having a clean home means you are always ready to accept surprise visitors or to invite friends over. You will also feel confident to let relatives and friends stop by anytime they want.
  • Improves your Self Discipline – cleaning your house on a regular and consistent pattern will lead you to develop a new habit. Having a daily routine will help you to stay focused in accomplishing things that need to be done.

Cleaning should be done on a regular and consistent basis. It is not just an activity that you can just set a aside and pick it up when you get some spare time. Cleaning is an activity that you should intentionally set a time for. Maintaining a clean home will help you to keep your space organized.

Why Cleaning Helps You Stay Organized

Cleaning or as it’s know in our system “SWEEPING” (“3rd S” of the 5S System) is a step that you need to do in order to maintain organization in your house. Why? It is because when you are cleaning, you’ll have a greater chance of placing everything and putting everything in its place. In this way, you will be able to sustain the improvement that you have made from sorting and systematizing ( the first two “S” of the 5S System).

Putting a regular cleaning schedule in your busy life can be very challenging. You will come up with a lot of excuses why cleaning can not be part of your regular routine such as your busy working, you have little kids, and there are other more important things that you need to do than cleaning.

But you need to keep in mind that home cleaning does not mean daily cleaning; it is more about keeping things organized and keeping it the house clean most of the time.

Different Ways to Stay Organized through A Regular Cleaning.

Below are some of the ways where you can do your regular household cleaning without interfering with your daily to do list.

  • Create a cleaning routine or schedule: You do not need to clean a whole house in one day especially if you have little kids to take care of. You need to account for all of your household chores and divide them into daily and weekly tasks. Assign a task or a room to be cleaned on a particular day and at a particular time. The cleaning activity should be matched with the amount of time you have allotted in a particular day. For example, a task that requires more cleaning time should not be assigned on a day that you have a lot of things to do. In this way you will be able to tackle your to do list and still have a clean and organized home like you have always wanted.
  • Adjust the time you wake up: If you are a mom and have little kids, the time you wake up should be at least an hour earlier than your kids. You can accomplish a lot of things within 1 hour and you can also do some cleaning during their napping time. This will help you not be overwhelmed by all the cleaning tasks that you need to accomplish.

  • Make your bed every morning: There is powerful psychology behind an unmade bed. If you start searching the benefits of making your bed every morning, you will find out that by just making your bed you will feel a sense of accomplishment because you crossed it out the first task of the day on your to-do list, which will lead you to be productive. Making your bed in the morning decreases your stress level because it will make your room neat in an instant and it helps you to develop new (Good) habits.
I don’t know about you, for me an unmade bed is telling me to go back to bed and be lazy, no matter what I do I can’t start my day right. But every time I make my bed right after I wake up every morning, I am determined not to ruin the bed that I made, so I will stop thinking about going back to bed. This will force me to move and start working to get things done
  • Getting Rid of things that you don’t need while doing your regular cleaning: It is actually one of the key elements on how to keep your living space clean and organized, getting rid of the things that you no longer use. While doing your cleaning, you may come across things that you have not used for a long time, broken stuff, outdated decor, or toys that your kids have outgrown. You need to toss out that stuff because keeping what you never need or use is one of the causes of clutter in your home. And it is only smart to keep only what you need so you will not have a hard time keeping your home neat and clean.
  • Do not hesitate to put things back in its designated storage area after every use: If you are new to getting things organized, you need to force yourself to put things away after you are done using them and do it over and over again until it becomes a habit. It might take you a while to turn this new way of doing things into a new habit. It is necessary to be persistent and consistent doing it though. Eventually, it will just become a natural part of the way that you do things.
  • Clean Your Kitchen After Every Use and before you go to bed: Waking up to a messy kitchen, a sink full of dirty dishes, no available countertop to use to prepare meals, and not being able to distinguish food from trash will definitely make you feel exhausted even before you start your day. So it is important that you allot time to clean your kitchen and put things in order after every use and even before you go to bed.
    • Make sure that your kitchen sink is empty (no dirty dishes) and clean
    • Empty your trash bin and remove everything that is not from the kitchen
    • Free up your countertop top as much as possible so you will have room for meal preparation the following day
    • Put everything in order
    • Clean the floor or wipe out any kitchen spillage and wipe over the kitchen appliances such as the stove and refrigerator.

Importance a clean home

Remember that the kitchen is the part of your house that has the ability to set you and your loved ones mood based on its level of cleanliness. Waking up to a clean kitchen will give you a encouraging fresh start because meal preparation will be easier and you can easily find things that you need.  Above all, this will help to motivate you to keep things in order most of the time if not always.

Cleaning is something that we cannot eliminate in our lives. A good habit to have is to clean your living area on a regular basis or after each use whether it is a living room, bedroom or kitchen. Make it a habit that you put everything in its place after you have cleaned up and by doing this the organization in your home will be maintained at all times.